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برنا انرژی اروند

Borna Energy Arvand

Since 2018, we have been supporting various industries by providing quality and reliable products.

Since 2018, Borna Energy Arvand has been engaged in the export and import of authorized goods and the supply of industrial components.

In these years, our company has operated as a supplier of goods for the power plant industry, the oil and gas industry, the petrochemical industry and other industries in Iran. Currently, Borna Energy Arvand has a specialized and experienced technical staff for the supply of various types of recyclable parts such as industrial bearings and industrial Ball bering and rubber parts and consumer items. Borna Energy Arvand specializes in the supply of various types of Ball bering and industrial required by various industries in the country and is able to supply global quality goods from domestic and foreign Brands.

We stand with the industry and provide the safest and highest quality goods needed by the industry.

Industrial oils are available for different devices and applications, so choose the right one for your needs and device.

We’ve always strived to bearing the world’s most desirable bearing brands to our customers.

Our greases are offered according to various working conditions and maintain their expected and desired properties at the desired working temperature.

Borna Energy Co, offers tailor-made products to meet your industrial needs.

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Factories using industrial oils as lubricants can ensure the health of their machines and at the same time increase the efficiency of their production. We have prepared the best proposals for you.

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Ask us for supplies and industrial needs for use in gas and steam turbines and water used in combined cycles of power plants, gas transmission pipelines, etc.


The bearings used in the machinery and equipment of the oil and gas and petrochemical industries usually require high quality and precision in their structure due to the specific working environment they have, and you can ask us for the best brands.

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